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i hope you're doing something not shit with your life. please have a decent job and don't be an idiot. just keep working towards whatever it is you're trying to. if you're not confident in your plans, take this as a sign to go for it. you've done it before and it's worked out decently lol. just be safe , take it slow, whatever you're going through you'll get over, again, you've done it before. i hope you're starting to think about plans to move cae out here, or maybe you have a shit load of money to move somewhere else, who knows. (probably not) if you do have a shit load of money, please still slow the fuck down and don't be dumb, put that shit in a savings account and use it as a money farm for the rest of your life. invest, please invest at least a little bit lol. maybe you're on the schoolboard like you were going for? if so that's sick, if not, try again in 3 years lol, dumbass. i hope you enjoyed your concerts and the cruise and also i bet twenty one pilots, joji, ajr, idkhow, and oliver tree have already released more music at this point. i bet i'm perfectly right in my guess that twenty one pilots are releasing music rigtht before icy tour. let me guess a date lol. august 6. new music. maybe album. it makes sence lol. okay, thats about all i have the energy to write lol. seeya
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