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Puberty 2022Age: 2 hours

Sealed in 13 December 2022 00:20:53 Opened at: 13 December 2022 02:30:00
I feel very happy and comfortable. I sometimes feel little bit boring though. I still enjoy it. This is because I can contact with my friends. There can't be the easiest way then using insta DM, Kakao, stuff like that. It's so convenient. Another reason is that I can just play with Online apps. Such as tiktok, instagram. Also, my physical changes are that my heights are growing fast, my hand got bigger and my face got more mature. It was hard to adapt on these changes but it wasn't that hard to get adapt on it. Additionally, I eat spicy rice cake (떡볶이 ) often. I think I can feel that I am enjoying some strong tastes. I am concerned about my summative scores and school works. It's the worst. I hate them. I like to play with my family and friends and I dislike studying.
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