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ManuAge: 31 months

Sealed in 24 July 2020 11:50:10 Opened at: 30 January 2023 00:30:00
Hi manu, wow you are in the ninth year and you are going to graduate in english and in the school this is amazing!!!! I'm in quarantine, this is boring but that is ok. In 2023 I don't know if you continue like soccer or basketball, if youI hope you continue to like it ... do you / me and Rafa continue to be best friends? have you ever visited jujuba with rafa to surprise her? here in 2020 there is a band that many people are loving, I don’t like this band but I don’t keep saying that the band is bad or something like that (the band is now united)but i loveee dove Cameron . i'm writing in english because i'm doing it in english class. manu don't be boring with mom and dad and duda. some days duda will be 15 years old unfortunately it is in the quarantine but i will give her 4 gifts 1- a sephora black facial mask 2- a sephora lipstick / cocoa butter 3- a picture frame kind of written love on it 4- a sleep mask that plays music. i love duda and a super cool gift for her because when i'm 15 i'm giving a very expensive gift ok manuuu R $ 278.80. my god i am 14 years old almost fifteen i 2023 i am almost 15 now in 2020 i am 11 years old and manu asks duda to give you super cool gifts and if duda is with a boyfriend the rules are u may not like his and will tease her she can only have a boyfriend if he is nice to me and if he is nice to her. manu i love you so n forget the good times of your life talk to mamae and daddy i loveSoooooooooo much them and tell duda That i also love soooooooooo much her .promises me one thing always be yourself !!!!
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