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how i changed the world crying until recieved help and now im all rightAge: 0 minute

Sealed in 06 June 2023 06:01:54 Opened at: 06 June 2023 06:01:54
hey yeah im talking to the nexus i cant believe my arm is off, fuck you for not believing me, did you get my jokes were they fummy, did you really spend my whole life making me happy just to pull it away, why did you show people the audio i deleted, and still blamed me with yall broke asses, i mean im obviosly broke 2 and how yalll going try and make me pay hardees for the suggestion box after i told yall what was in there. i told you she wasnnt real most of that is kind on yall. i can believe yall going to fuck around and make me famous, after im all rifght, also i know this get opened way before the intended time,im glad you ruined all happiest moment, thanks for finally laugh, and fuck you dr phil didnt want to be on your broke ass show no way. hey future josh, forgot i wasnt psyhic didnt you its ok, most of it was a team effortr take soloice in the fact that you was always right, thank for letting me on your show, if yall needed anymore prove im a psychic yall can psyckiss my ass, every mic is hot
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