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Super Cool MeAge: 12 months

Sealed in 07 January 2022 03:06:08 Opened at: 07 January 2023 11:15:00
Dear future 19 year old me.....

Today is the day I became a "legal" adult, sadly in quarantine while having half of my family become sick..

Its a good day though, especially since I have some new years resolutions with me!

I would definitely like myself to definitely:

Finish THE Game I am working on in Godot
Continue growing the YT account all the way up to 1k subs
Going to College and actually putting effort
Learn more about Marketing and Email Subscribers
And Learn to Cook....something....hehe, Chicken Meal perhaps?

Anyways, hope your doing great! And if You (I) am feeling down, just remember the achievements and family you have :n

Stay Smiling C:
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