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Sealed with Dogecoin just some stuff i hope i ended up in the futureAge: 0 minute

Sealed in 31 May 2023 17:46:01 Opened at: 31 May 2023 17:46:01
Hey future me!!!!, how's life?? do u have progress with him, end up with him or are u still being the friend?? u know i wish we met someone who really appreciate us not just someone who will go with us when it's convenient. I hope when the time this time capsule has opened we're already a fashion designer also successful person. I also wished that we learn how to manage our money. Please i manifest that we ended up with whomever we see our future right now or we have relationship with that person(L). Losing some friends doesn't hurt u know, u learn how people will come in ur life just to spice it and people will go so we can mature. And please tell ur still an exo-l, did chanyeol married or our we married with chanyeol, if not chanyeol maybe kyungsoo, baekhyun, or sehun u know just fans dream to marry with their idols. I hope we traveled some places in the world and learn how to speak korean, spanish, japanese or dutch, u know what dutch men are hot. Let manifest that we have stable life right now, travelling without worry. I hope we achieved that clear skin and hourglass body. Also did our brother have that skinny body? or dad still being hot tempered but still joking as always or mom got some kind of boyfriend who support her not use her and did we already have niece or nephews?? God how i love having niece and nephews and how i can bully them char im just kidding, i want to be that rich tita who will spoil them.So this is it i hope our mental health are fine as hell and please tell me that we got relationship with handsome men.
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