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End of 2020-21 School YearAge: 8 months

Sealed in 05 October 2020 15:59:22 Opened at: 04 June 2021 00:00:00
Right now my fabulous advisees are running today advisory (10/5/2020). I am hoping that by the time this is opened in June that we will all be on campus and having something close to regular school. My guess is that Joe Biden will be president or perhaps Kamala Harris if Joe Biden's health fails him between now and then. This period of remote learning is super challenging for so many, and I am grateful to have an excellent job and to get to work with amazing young people like my advisees. My greatest hope is that my advisees get to completely enjoy their senior year including all the celebratory rights of passage. By the time I open this, I should finally have a smart phone. I will have joined the 21st century. Okay, I predict the Dow Jones average will be at 22,500 when I open this. Today it is hovering around 28,000. Until June!
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