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Also I lied in the para I lowkey do hope you’re a cool indie musician or a filmmaker living her best lifeAge: 0 minute

Sealed in 07 December 2021 19:14:44 Opened at: 07 December 2021 19:14:44
Dear almost 30yo me
if you’re still alive somewhere I hope you’re happy. Even if it’s a 9to 5 dead end job I hope you’ve found something to keep you going. Honestly I don’t really care if you made it anymore because I don’t see the point. The little hopeful full of dreams girl that was once inside is not here anymore, I hope she comes back tho, I really do but for now all that’s left is a shell of a person completely self loathing and self doubting itself. But this shell of a person still hopes that maybe somewhere 10years along the line you find happiness and if you do I want you to know that I’m proud of you, also NEVER HAVE KIDS EVER NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PARENTS TELL YOU DONT EVER HAVE KIDS.
Also I hope you’re doing music because I love to do that and I hope you’re not insecure about yourself and know how to talk to people now. I want you to have an amazing life complete that bucket list you made when you were 16, as cliche as it sounds I want you to live, carpe diem. Ugh, that’s cringy, anyway I also want you to know that don’t ever be ashamed by your sexuality because ffs you’re 30, embrace your boobs and your butt and all the assets that made your mother call you a whore because a stranger on the Internet posted a picture of you, for all I care be a whore, if that makes you happy
Also please don’t get a tattoo, or a std or
pregnant and please don’t fall for a guy who wears skinny jeans.
Anyway I’ve got class tomorrow at 7, but for now so long sucker, go be awesome.
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