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BOG 2022/23 Time CamsuleAge: 12 months

Sealed in 01 July 2022 03:48:53 Opened at: 01 July 2023 00:15:00
What keeps you in BOG?
- BOG's chill friendly vibes!! and the best teammates that I have; also the impact we make in HKUST by serving as a venue for new friendships to be built
What are your interpretation to BOG values?
- Joy: always finding joy in our work and hangouts
- Diversity: accepting others as who they are regardless of where they're from, and accepting their ideas, always taking it into consideration
- Excellence: acting as a team to produce synergy effect and do something we cannot achieve individually
How do you want your team to look after a year?
- Be really really close friends, have built the trust on each other. I also hope the next LT can really see us as dependable & cool people cus that's how I see the preceding LT ;))
What is your aspiration?
- To be the most approachable advisor and most helpful teammate
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