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Washing MachineAge: 1 month

Sealed in 14 October 2020 16:05:26 Opened at: 14 November 2020 03:15:00
Washing machine is a popular, important machine that can wash and dry whatever you want same as your cloths, blankets, shoes, even cleaning and washing itself without human help, also a washing machine consists of several types and sizes, And multiple advantages.
I think this machine saves time so if you go back to the past, they were using their hands instead of the machine and they were taking a lot of time to wash and dry the laundry, year by year the machine began to appear to us, but compared to now it was difficult to use.
Nowadays the machine we use is getting easier and fewer buttons than before, all you want to do is press three or four buttons and it will work immediately.
Finally, I would recommend everyone to buy the new and advanced machine that will save their time and make their life easier.
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