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better lifeAge: 1 month

Sealed in 18 May 2021 04:16:35 Opened at: 18 June 2021 08:00:00
hi dear self <3,how are you doing?aku hope kau feeling better and tak fikir sgt pasal masalah ayah,sekolah and macam mana? kau ok tak dgn goku? dah confess?aku rse better takyah lah,krg stay as friends je skrg ni aku mcm sedih lah sbb dia dgn gf dia mcm bahagia yg pasti aku takkan rampas dia from his gf,aku akan tunggu smpai gf dia yg tinggalkan skrg ni kau tabah,yes he's the perfect one and all you need to do is tunggu,no rush,you're still young...AND PLEASE STAY MOVED ON FROM SYABIL...HE'S A DOUCHBAG
Observers 0 Views : 56 Owner: a simp for goku :3
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