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Sealed with Dogecoin Otsuka’s POCARI SWEAT erects the First Advertisement On The MoonAge: 4 months

Sealed in 22 March 2016 14:29:18 Opened at: 15 July 2016 12:00:00
So Just imagine yourself taking a late night stroll, star gazing or even just staring out your window in the midst of a deadline, usually you’d find the moon looking right back at you. The moon is usually the centre of many folklores and myths where the earth’s only natural satellite is the source of power for all things supernatural and unnatural.

Yes, the moon is commonly a symbol of the mystic and all things romantic, it’s glow allows all the wistful sky gazers a sense of security and often a subject of wooing love songs.

Otsuka of Pocari Sweat, a Japanese beverage, hopes to send millions of children’s dreams to the moon. Well technically not by sticking their logo across the moon’s face (how romantic would that be?) but a special cannister designed to be sent to the moon containing Pocari Sweat Powder.

This will be the first advertisement of it’s kind to reach outside our planet. This private moon-landing will hopefully inspire more people to become astronauts and to take their first steps for man-kind across the moon and indulge on the powder. It’s a rather drastic way of advertising a product if I do say so myself, and a frightening prospect to just how far man-kind would do to commercialize their products, as if cleaning up debris in space wasn’t hard enough.

The Falcon 9 rocket will take four and a half days to reach our orbiting natural satellite, launching in 2015. The Falcon 9 is specially designed for reusable space travel having already travelled to the international space station for a supply run.

The cannister will then be placed on the ‘lake of death’, a region on the moon, to represent how precious the water is to us earthlings.

Atrobotic Technology‘s deal with Otsuka will provide them with the means of landing and the technology to make this dream to come true. Their Astrobic Technology’s ‘Griffin Lander’ can deliver loads weighing up to 260 kg and will be making Pocari’s first ever moon-landing. Atsrobotic Technology is no stranger to space travel, being the first company to create a device and successfully land on the moon and travel 500 meters to transmit pictures back to Earth.

Otsuka dreams of utilizing this opportunity to drive young people to reach for the moon and fulfill their dreams.

Which makes me think, what if something else reaches the capsules first? Do we really know what’s on the dark side of the moon? Do Extraterrestrials even sweat?

Well that was my train of thought, what are yours?

On December 17 2014 TOKYO-LUNAR DREAM Executive Committee, which is constructed from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Global Space Industry Company ASTROSCALE PTE. LTD. (Singapore), Space Development Company Astrobotic Technology, Inc (U.S.) has announced to reschedule the launch date of “LUNAR DREAM CAPSULE PROJECT” (LUNAR PROJECT) from October 2015 to second-half of 2016, with the target goal of summer 2016, due to the finding of the possibility of a more safety secured technology to be loaded. With this new technology the performance of engine for the unmanned space ship (Lander) loaded with the Dream Capsule, will be upgraded and more precise landing on the moon will be possible. With the rescheduling the date of launch, the messages will be gathered for a longer time.

So with the launch date held back more and more people are given the opportunity to send their hopes and dreams to the moon, or you could take this chance to send a message to that decepticon hiding on the other side of the moon.

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