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always and forever... <3Age: 1 day

Sealed in 01 April 2021 04:43:40 Opened at: 02 April 2021 12:30:00
hey cute ass mf, by the time you read this i’ll already be away from sarasota in my new home but i just wanted to update you and let you know whats happening. i’ve been wanting to run away for the longest time because of my shitty home life and i finally have to chance to. i’ve planned everything out and i promise that i'm gonna be safe. i left a note to my brother explaining how much i love him and same with my mom about why i'm leaving. i'm so happy that i finally get to do this and i'm so excited to start a new life where i can fully express myself and not be pressured into being this perfect, straight, christian girl. i dont feel safe at home at all which is why i'm leaving. i live in constant fear that i'm going to be raped by my stepdad and i know for a fact that no one would believe me, and that everyone in my family would take his side over mine. it's terrifying and i can't even tell anyone because nothing ever happens with it. for a while i was forced to be quiet about all the shit that’s been happening in my life and i felt so hopeless when no matter what i did, nothing seemed to change. i need to do this to finally be truly happy. i hate having to stop talking to you but i'm only doing it because i physically have to in order to successfully go through with my plan to start a new life in which i can express myself and be who i want to be. i hope you understand how i need to start a new life and move on. i'm so happy that i get to see you and sofia, even though its going to hurt like hell to have to leave a note for her too at her house. i really hope that you're able to find someone who really flows with you and compliments your personality, because you deserve it so very much. i recognize your stress and pain and i'm so sorry about the shit you've been through. you don't deserve any of it. i wish i never betrayed your trust and made you worry about me so much, but im glad that i was able to get closer to you and get to know you. i wish i could keep doing that, but i cant. i know that you'll find the perfect person that flowes with you in the life that you choose to live, and i know i will too. so goodbye richie. i wish the absolute best for you.

always and forever remembering you,

maegan <3
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