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Caffeine attacks.Age: 2 days

Sealed in 29 August 2019 15:55:31 Opened at: 31 August 2019 20:45:00
You care about me, right? And, you do understand that while I'm completely 110% unaware of what i /want/, I know that I want it with you. Like, i'm not trying to bring you home, or call you mine but at the end of the day, I wait for you to acknowledge me. Maybe i'm just lonely, and you're around. Maybe it's because I took you for granted our two months together.
We also only had two months?????? why do i act like we had years and years like you traded me in as soon as Amber came thru. And what? Because we still hung out occassionally it counted?

you met Allie, and it was So weird for me. I was SO worried what she was going to say. If I don't want anything with you, why do I put myself in these situations?
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