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The Impact of the VirusAge: 12 hours

Sealed in 04 June 2020 12:44:29 Opened at: 05 June 2020 01:00:00
The year 2020 was a terrible time for health, frontline workers, and all mankind. The virus that swept throughout the Earth destroying mankind. The economy was slowing down. The health of elders and others with health problems were at risk. The economy and health was the main problem. Coronavirus changed our daily lives for a long period. The economy was broken as all shops and some shipping started to close down for some time for the great safety of others receiving the asked product from many places with the virus. Big states and cities with a great number of victims infected were asked to stay home for good unless necessities were needed or essential working was needed causing the economy of clothing, candy, and video games to go down. But truly masks have saved the economy of many states, countries, and cities as more, and more people bought masks of any sort and any price causing a big change to the economy. The more gatherings of people the faster the virus passed and that is why social distance has caused a great change to the virus. The main part of the safety of others is the health of others. People with health problems would get the virus quicker than most. The color of others doesn't matter, no one is immune. The virus still does not have a cure causing more to be cured by death, and causing the population to weaken. Healthy people will get the virus or any other sickness by another who is sick or secretly has the virus that is near. Now our daily lives have been texting, face calling, or calling, but others don't follow that social interaction. The virus has been nothing but a slap in the face now with no one caring about it now with all the other things happening. Who knows the virus may come back after these protests, who knows.
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