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Sealed with Dogecoin First tests on humans wth ET-D5 : Molecule that could kill tumor cells and treat cancerAge: 18 months

Sealed in 11 March 2015 23:38:23 Opened at: 01 September 2016 09:00:00
For many years, researchers are looking for remedies to cure cancer. Today is Aurélie Juhem, a researcher in the Grenoble laboratory Ecrins Therapeutics, which could have found an effective way to kill cancer cells.

As early as the 1900s, it was already possible to cure patients with cancer. It is of course reminiscent of Coley toxins that have been invented by Dr. William Coley and allowed to cure a terminal cancer in only three months in most cases. Today, other scientists are trying to find cures for cancer and results begin to emerge.

If scientific laboratory Architecture and Reactivity of RNA were able to divert the AIDS virus to more effectively combat cancer, a French researcher was able to find a molecule capable of stopping and killing cancer cells in certain types of cancer . Called ET-D5, this molecule with anti-cancer properties "has the ability to stop the division and proliferation of tumor cells, and destroy the vessels that have formed and that feed the tumor."

Thus, tumors may be destroyed due to this molecule, blocking their development and their blood supply, without damaging the organs affected by the tumor. For now, this molecule has only been tested on mice and the results are very promising. Aurélie Juhem can not do tests on humans now because it needs at least 500,000 euros in order to toxicological tests.

If the toxicity tests are conclusive, these drugs will be sold to a lab to produce the drug. They can then offer this drug to patients in the cancer center Léon Bérard in Lyon since 2016. This drug appears to be more effective on liver cancer, pancreas or kidney.


Official website of the Ecrins Therapeutics Project:
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