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Hi this is Jake from 2020Age: 47 months

Sealed in 01 March 2020 02:28:13 Opened at: 01 January 2024 00:00:00
Hi future Jake, I am studying rn and I hate it. I fucking hate college so damn much. I hope it gets better because I am in a rough place rn. I hope you are doing what you want to be doing and making cool mooooovies and not going to school cause fuck school. I also wonder what your opinion is on college now because I fucking hate it wilth every molicule in my body. Ok have a good day being sucessful filmmaker hopefully, or doing something cool with online content. If you aren't the wtf you doing, get your shit together. Also is SLOMPY still a thing?
Observers 1 Has 1 observerViews : 92 Owner: Jake Bowren
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