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selamat habedeAge: 3 months

Sealed in 07 January 2022 07:26:33 Opened at: 23 March 2022 17:00:00
heeeey, it's me. from January 7, 2022. kalo kata siri lo ultah 2 bulan 2 minggu lagi ye kan?

so, happy birthday. i know it's been hard and lonely for you. so, i've decided to make this shit so that ur birthday won't be suck that much. c'mon, it's your born day. don't be so sad about it. hype it up, dress up, wear makeup, style your hair (did you cut your hair yet?) do whatever makes you confident, if you think you're ugly, you're not. you're the prettiest girl in the world and you deserve to know that. (gausah senyum senyum lu, gue nulisnya rada cringe -3-) on your 16th birthday, don't think too much of the future, just live at the moment and do the god damn paperworks.

gimane dua bulan semester dua nye? stres ga? stres sih pasti. udah slc belom lu? kalo udah ya gud job kalo belom, kerjain weh. daffa apa kabar bestie? masih natap dari kejauhan kah? kek elu negliat ruto xixixi. kasian gamon. ah anjeng padahal sy ingin nulis heartwarming letter, memang kgk bakat dah ak. (jlek) elu jangan lupa foto foto, target bulan maret foto IG udah 1000. canda, boro boro bund. jujur, pokoknya semangat aja ye. this 16th year u live, make it to the fullest. siapa tau umur 17 lu dah metong, kan gaada yang tau xixixi.

dah lah anjeng sy gk tau mau nulis ape. sy tdk jago mengarang. nilai essay sy kan jlek semua. dh dh, bye. jan lupa nafas ya bestie. lop yu <3
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