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Sealed with Dogecoin 200 Days to UFC 200 MMA War. My Prediction on WHICH BEASTS WILL BATTLE THEREAge: 6 months

Sealed in 24 December 2015 06:26:48 Opened at: 08 June 2016 21:00:00
Then, on the Octagon battlefield in the newly constructed MGM-AEG Arena, will clash those vicious creatures:


Jones vs DC II
Connor vs RDA
Cain vs Werdum II
Ronda vs Holm II
Rockhold vs Weidman II
Lalwer vs Johny Hendricks III


Arlovski vs Overeem
Anthony Johnson vs Ryan Bader
TJ Dillashaw vs Cruz (rematch / Cruz won the first battle in March/)
Rory McDonald vs Demian Maia
Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Joseph Duffy

There will be no mercy for noone. Your BIGGEST FEAR awaits you inside the octagon.
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