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Sealed with Dogecoin The Braking Bad's Prequel Better Call Saul is finally cooked and ready for hungry Heisenberg fansAge: 1 month

Sealed in 06 January 2015 23:30:18 Opened at: 08 February 2015 10:30:00
Via Wiki info dealer: Better Call Saul is an upcoming American drama television series scheduled to premiere on AMC on February 8, 2015. The series was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, and is a spin-off of Gilligan's Breaking Bad. Set in 2002, it focuses on the life of small-time lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) six years before his appearance on Breaking Bad, though events during and after the original series will also be explored. ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖

In July 2012, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan hinted at a possible spin-off series focusing on Goodman. ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖

In April 2013, the series was confirmed to be in development by Gilligan and Gould; the latter wrote the episode that introduced the character. In a July 2012 interview, Gilligan said he liked "the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law" including settling on the courthouse steps. ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖

Via me: The first serie will start with scenes from the end of season one, where Mike Ehrmantraut is seen in the back. The first case for Saul will be related with small toy selling company having problems with banned toys of a somali pirates (related with Captain Phillips movie and Breaking Bad banned toys of Jesse and Walter White). In the beginning Goodman knows only one guy, who doesn`t know other guy. There will be a redhead woman, who will be a key character. First kill will occur far in the 5th serie. Drugs will come in the end of the first season. There will be no main villain, but mean IRS agent (like Hank Shrader, but indian). The main twist will be related with Saul's ex wife, who probably is hired Mike to kill the lawyer. ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ I will receive a potato for every guess and i hope i will collect enough for an awesome MUSAKA muhaha
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