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Sealed with Dogecoin Prophecy foretold: The 'Twin Peaks' promised return for June 10th, 2016! See who will be back.Age: 20 months

Sealed in 08 October 2014 21:56:26 Opened at: 10 June 2016 04:30:00
My prediction about Who will be back : Dale Cooper (bald) for sure, Audrey Horne (with 3 children and 2 divorces), Sheriff Harry S. Truman (white hair, 2 children), Hawk (without changes), fat Lucy Moran, Bobby Briggs with white hair and business career, Big Ed Hurley, who had grandsons with Norma, James Hurley without changes except, that he drive sport bike motorcycle now, and of course the an evil ralative of Leo Johnson seeking for revenge :D
After being super coy on Twitter earlier this month, David Lynch and Mark Frost have confirmed that Twin Peaks will return in 2016, more than 25 years after the show first premiered on ABC, in a limited series run for Showtime. (Our guess is June 10th, 2016, as the prophecy foretold.) Lynch will direct all episodes, and both Lynch and Frost will handle writing. According to Deadline, the new Twin Peaks with be set in the present day and will provide answers to some of the long-standing (seriously, over two decades) questions.
No word on if Kyle MacLachlan will return in the (lead) role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper, but #damngoodcoffee is inspired by one of his most memorable lines. We'd be damn surprised if he doesn't have at the very least a cameo.
The Prophecy: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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