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ma 18 year old ass Age: 31 months

Sealed in 16 February 2021 21:00:12 Opened at: 01 September 2023 00:00:00
okay let's get one thing straight.. you better have a girlfriend by now. or at least have had a girlfriend at one point. and you gotta have had your first kiss istg. and if you're dead i'm going to be very disappointed in you. also DO YOU KNOW YOUR FUCKING SEXUALITY NOW?! DO YOU HAVE A ldskjflsdkfjds BOYFRIEND?!!!! i will smack you if you still don't know. also if you're taken... i'm not so imma be PISSED cause you're not better than me... don't get all full of yourself, you still a dumbass. also you better pay attention in senior year, okay? if you act up imma come out there and smack your ass. if you don't work your ass off.. istg bitch... you're getting into UW or else. and if emily ain't your friend... ISTMFG you're dead to me. what are your pronouns, so i can blast your ass ||respectfully||. anyways... hope you're happy :,)
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