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(Capsule) coffee machine Age: 18 hours

Sealed in 14 October 2020 17:09:32 Opened at: 15 October 2020 10:45:00
coffee machine
For people who love coffee and they don't know how to make or which flavor to choose this product is perfect for you.

Nescafe dolce gusto , is a coffee machine that anybody can use adults and even kids because it's easy to use and also safe . you can make with this machine cold coffee such as cold cappuccino also hot drinks for example: flat white and latte, and more.
The machine contain, a locking handle that can keep you safe, it has a water tank and a capsule holder , also includes a drip tray that can help you avoid getting the place dirty . The last thing is the controllers it has the on / off button , and a lever that you choose between the cold and hot , there are marks on the machine that helps you adjust the water level so you won't ruin the drink by putting less or more amount of water.
The most exciting thing that it's really saves power so if it was not used for 5minutes it's automatically switches off .
I really recommend you to buy to it , it's a life saver.

Observers 0 Views : 13 Owner: Ayah Althunyian
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