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Sealed with Dogecoin Felix Trinidad's prediction on the Mexico vs Puerto Rico clash: Canelo Will Beat Miguel Cotto in the Title ShowdownAge: 3 weeks

Sealed in 29 October 2015 22:20:28 Opened at: 21 November 2015 19:00:00
Legendary fighter and International Boxing Hall of Fame honoree Felix "Tito" Trinidad believes Mexican rising star Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will beat fellow Puerto Rican warrior Miguel Cotto in the proposed November title showdown.

The boxing icon, who was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame on Saturday, stated that Alvarez is "younger and stronger than Cotto," Boxing Scene reported. He even predicted that these "advantages" could be lethal to Cotto, enough for him to lose his reign over the World Boxing Council middleweight division.

"In my personal opinion I think it's a tough fight but 'Canelo' has most of the advantages in this fight. I think he will win," said Trinidad.

So far, more and more fighters are betting that the 24-year-old boxer will triumph over Cotto, who is a decade older than him. Even WBC mandatory challenger Gennady "GGG" Golovkin thinks that the young Mexican warrior will emerge the winner in a close fight.

"It's 50-50, but I think so 'Canelo' [will win]," Golovkin told Sport Nation's Max Kellerman.

The unbeaten Kazakh also commented that when the time comes for him to face the winner -- if it were "Canelo" -- he thinks he would have a more difficult time with him.

"Maybe Canelo [will be the toughest challenger for me]. He's young, new style, new situation," the knockout master said.

In addition, veteran fighter Bernard Hopkins has also put his vote on "Canelo" and it is not just because he is promoting him. Hopkins is connected to Golden Boy Promotions, which markets possible "Canelo" fights.

"I believe he will win but it will be a hard fight. It will test 'Canelo', whether he's that legitimate next star in boxing. This will be the fight I think that he'll get a chance to show that he's just not a come forward guy," Hopkins predicted.

Mayweather weighs in

For undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has already fought with the two fighters, it's anybody's game. The pound-for-pound king perceives "Canelo" as a "very smart boxer" but he also knows that Cotto has taken a leaf out of his book in terms of boxing style.

"Cotto used to watch me every day when I used to be at Top Rank... To this day I still see Cotto making certain pivot moves that I do and I can't take nothing away from him. Cotto is a very strong, hard hitting guy. Canelo is a very sharp boxer, so it's a very intriguing matchup. I don't know [who I would put my money on]," "The Money" told Boxing Scene.

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