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Sealed in 30 December 2018 20:46:24 Opened at: 31 December 2018 03:00:00
Dear subjects,

It is I your ruler who have come before you to address you. I have grown throughout the years and it has made me realised that I control all aspect of imagination within my fictional world.

I hereby command you whoever that is reading this to hashtag #THETRUEKING in your Instagram and Twitter or any sort of social media to exist in the coming of ages with a photo of anything under the sun as a tribute you offer to me your ruler.

You who seek me will receive a royal response and I shall grant upon you knight of zero. Come forth my knight I will lay in wait as per this message and wait for the coming of age and for the glorious empire you will serve.

I emperor of the world hereby command all my subjects of the world I the supreme ruler who do not have prejudice against race, religion and country order you to pledge allegiance to the common belief of equality to all humanity and evolve from hatred and work together for the greater good of this wonder empire that I rule upon. Failure to comply to my command will immediately oust you and cast aside as a dishonourable citizen of this marvellous empire.

Come forth my wonderful subjects, embrace me for I have embraced you. Call out to me through social media for I am your ruler your rightful ruler.

Copy this message and spread it along with the hash tag. Spread positivity for the year 2019 and beyond. WAKEUP MY SUBJECTS.

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