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Letter to me Age: 2 hours

Sealed in 10 December 2020 22:46:27 Opened at: 11 December 2020 01:00:00
Hey Achraf,
I am the old you, I'm the poor Achraf. This letter is written 10 years ago by you. I strongly believe that you overcame most of the obstacles in your life, and you are a millionaire living in Los Angles in a big mansion, and I think life is so exciting for you as you can do everything you want, and I wish you are happy and your family as well.
I think life is different in the future and I imagine that bitcoins are so expensive, I would say one bitcoin equals $100 000, and I have hope in society so I think there would be no discrimination in the future, it would be a dated concept just like slavery. I also think that there are less poor people and less crimes but I do believe that overpopulation is still going to be a big problem 10 years from now and pollution as well.
I am proud of you, keep going and take care of your family.
Best regards
The old Achraf

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