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Sealed in 15 October 2020 18:14:47 Opened at: 15 October 2020 18:14:47
A portable computer is a computer with limited weight and dimensions for easy transport2. The computer has the same types of components as a typical desktop computer, including a screen, speakers, and a physical keyboard. Since the years 2010, most additionally have an integrated webcam and a microphone preinstalled. The computer is equipped with an accumulator, or bettery, rechargeable by means of an outlet. The computer is used in education, and study and has become one of the most effective methods, used in the fields of security systems, it is used in the fields of entertainment, so the computer has become one of the most important sources that enable us to follow various types of sports and watch movies, and it is used to store data . My opinion is that the computer is the most used device in the modern era and you cannot do anything without the computer even in your work, you need a computer greatly to finish the tasks that are assigned to in your work .
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