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My capsula malucona hahahaAge: 11 months

Sealed in 16 January 2020 17:51:05 Opened at: 01 December 2020 00:00:00

*Name*: jessica
*Liked to be called*:je
*Top goal*: make up
*Best hobby*:playing ukulele, guitar

*AGE*:13 years old
*MY FAMILY*: my mom, my dad and my sister
*BEST FOOD*: homemad hamburger
*BEST SUBJECT*: english
*I LOVE*:listening music
*I DON'T LIKE*: funk


*What do you like most about school / job?*
Customer satisfaction

*What do you like least about school / job?*
When I make a mistake

*How will you reach your goals?*
Job recognition, spreading on social medias

*What support do you need?*
More courses


*My top 3 goals*

✩ making make up
✩ making children sleep
✩making friends

*I aim to*
Be a cardiac surgeon

*I wonder if*
Making courses will have more customers

*I imagine that*
When I will be 16 year old I will travel to the United States

*I feel*
that I'm won't go to the beach on January 25

_5 fascinating facts about me_

✩ making eyeliner
✩making splapter
✩putting my foot on my had
✩ easily to learn
✩editing photos

*People like me because*

*What do you want to learn this school year? Why?*
I want to learn about hurman body, because I will need it.

*What profession do you want to practice at the end of your studies? Why?*
cardiac surgeon, I always liked medicine, and I fell in love when saw the first surgery
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