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Sealed in 29 September 2020 17:08:27 Opened at: 29 September 2020 17:08:27
lol hi future me. in case you lost it somehow this is for you Its me Gabriel Pulliam lol. I am almost 16 now and in art. Just messing around. Well I hope I am still alive by now. Been 10 years since I wrote this. You better be mature and stuff. And please dont 11-9-12-12 anyone. Come on dude you can figure out what that means. Remeber the first code you learned, If you are really stumped remeber it like a salad type. and a emperor. so yeah if u figured it out better have al that solved. Also I really hope you have gotten a partner by now, its been 10 years so come on. And if not then bruh this is really depressing. I dont even care my spelling is bad right now, youll understand (I hope). so yea uhhh you are out of college and stuff now right? what you end up doing? interior design still? coding? law (doubtful). anyways have fun
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