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something is out thereAge: 1 day

Sealed in 14 February 2022 18:04:12 Opened at: 15 February 2022 22:00:00
In this scene(19:00): three drunk guys are killed, and that's it. But I remember it happening wildly different.
They come out of nowhere here but in the version I watched, they were harassing some girl or Maryam herself maybe earlier. So Maryam would stalk them to that place.
Then Maryam would brandish a bow, Rambo 3 style.
She would shoot them from a far, would hit one but miss others. But the arrow sticking to the ground would then travel underground after its target. Then pull them down.
And after all that, with a delay it would launch the guys 30 feet in the air across the park.
Why launch them in the air? I mean it was so alien, I thought that was the point. Then police would be all confused in the next scene.(police scene happens earlier in the above video.)
Observers 0 Views : 144 Owner: vtastek
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