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Sealed with Dogecoin MMA Prediction: The return of the Last Emperor Fedor EmelianenkoAge: 2 weeks

Sealed in 09 September 2015 14:31:02 Opened at: 20 September 2015 17:00:00
Russian mma heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko revealed during an appearance on the FightSpirit Championship 5 broadcast in Russia that he will announce his promotional signing in 2-3 weeks.

The return of Fedor Emelianenko continues to be a topic that attracts attention from pundits and fans alike, as many eagerly anticipate the end of the sweepstakes for the Russian heavyweight to determine where he will fight in the near future.

According to a recent report from, Emelianenko has already signed with the UFC and is awaiting an official announcement from the promotion. However, according to the Russian heavyweight, he remains fixed in negotiations for the time being.

Fedor was present at FightSpirit Championship 5 in Russia as the guest of honor and revealed during a quick interview that he would announce his potential signing in the next couple of weeks.

"I can not say exactly, but negotiations with the leading promoters are in place," said Fedor. "In the next two or three weeks everything will become clear."

While rumours and reports have suggested that Fedor's first fight could take place at the UFC's anticipated stadium show in Melbourne, Australia, the Russian wants his first fight to be in either Japan or the United States. He also added that he will also take a fight in Russia shortly thereafter.

"I want to spend my return fight abroad, in Japan or the United States," Fedor confirmed (h/t "But later I will definitely schedule a fight in my homeland, Russia"

With negotiations seemingly ongoing, it will be interesting where the legendary mma fighter settles over the coming weeks.


My MMA Prediction: He’s gonna end up in this new org in Japan thats being created or in M 1, bet on it.

Fighting Kenny Garner or Sergei Kharitonov in Russia and Ishii rematch in Japan.

We all get our hopes up for Fedor in the UFC for rematch with BigFoot and Verdum revenge,but its probably not gonna happen cause thats just the way UFC/Fedor is destined to play out.

Observers 0 Views : 1213 Owner: The ProCop
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