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2021 Predictions to be viewed in 2022Age: 12 months

Sealed in 01 January 2021 06:34:05 Opened at: 01 January 2022 00:00:00
Quarantine done by summer
I would go on an international trip
Bitcoin at 50k
US dollar loses 20% of value
Tesla becomes world #1 automaker
Tesla stock price at $3000
UFOs will be confirmed
Turkey begins EU application
Russia annexes Belarus
The Syrian Civil War will end, with Assad as the victor
Egypt and Sudan go to war with Ethiopia
Biden will reenter the Middle East
Ireland will be the fastest growing economy
Saudi Arabia will eliminate its tourism dependency
Turkey will adopt a stablecoin version of the lyra
I will transfer to a uni
A big california earthquake
Affirmative Action is killed in the US
Genomics explode as industry
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