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Sealed with Dogecoin NASA asteroid-bashing spacecraft DART will perform kinetic impact deflection of a hazardous AsteroidAge: 8 months

Sealed in 09 February 2021 04:26:46 Opened at: 30 September 2021 01:00:00
Hazardous asteroids pose a risk to life on Earth, but it's difficult to track dangerous asteroids, and harder yet to divert catastrophe if one is found to be careening toward Earth.

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will test one method for deflecting killer space rocks. The spacecraft should travel to a pair of asteroids called Didymos (which pose no threat to Earth) to demonstrate what NASA calls the "kinetic impactor" technique.

That simply means that DART will crash head-on into the smaller asteroid, which is about 525 feet wide, in order to push it into a closer orbit around the larger asteroid.

The Mission:
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