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7SapphiresAge: 4 hours

Sealed in 10 September 2014 16:45:20 Opened at: 10 September 2014 21:00:00
On my first day of school, I met my old friends and we all gather and talk about last year. We talk about the teachers of last year and friends who quited school this year. We told each other about the summer, how we spent it and where we went. We also talked about our, who would our new classroom teacher be, will he or she would be stricter kind, good or bad. We missed our old classroom teacher and wished he was our classroom teacher this year. We also met a new friend name Myet Chael Phone, she was very nervous to talk to us so we barely talk to her. I told her how our classroom style is and how e contributes each other. So she knew how to contribute classmates in our class. I introduced her to everyone in our class and told her each person’s characteristics. Then she started making friends in the school and now she is a member of 7S class. Another new student came in the mid-terms; she is my old friend’s cousin so I don’t get along much with her. We had a bad time in the first day of school because we did not needed to study because it was the first day of the school. But we were worrying and preparing for the next day.
When the teacher announced that we are going to have a weekly project and she told us our first topic “caring”. So we all discussed and thinking what should we do and at last we decide to make a food fair so we start giving responsibilities to each of us in our class. We decided to donate the money in B.E.P.S Burmese School. That school was so poor that some kids don’t have cloths to wear; the school was quite small though it was a happy place. We got more than 500,000 kyat, and so we donate that money to that school. Our vice principal gave us another project “responsibility”. This time it was to decorate the board which is in front of the class. We had to draw, paint, and write some stories on the paper but before that we had to think where to get the supplies because our school do not allow us to take anything from the art room but luckily our class room teacher brought everything. So now we are working to get first so we can proudly take the prize. This is hoe our classroom stay happily and understandingly we care for each other and we fight for each other.
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