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My worldAge: 9 months

Sealed in 12 April 2020 21:58:50 Opened at: 31 December 2020 00:00:00

2:21 AM
Although you probably haven't been able to see this baby, it's been really difficult for me to not get teary-eyed while writing this.
In the last 5 months I've been the happiest that I’ve been in almost more than a year now and allllll the credit for that goes to one boy and one boy only who walked Into my life and promised to never leave. My arhaanu can make me smile when all I can see are my own tears and can make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before. I’ve never felt this way before. He makes me happy in a way I never knew was possible and makes me love like I’ve never been hurt before. My baby has been through things that have hurt him and is the strongest boy I know. Although this message is directed towards my baby arhaanu, I wanna take a second and talk to the universe. Since I can’t control the things that will happen in the future, I wanna pray to god that this boy is always the happiest boy in the world. Please make sure not to let him get hurt, don’t let him cry, don’t ever let him feel alone. Always give him everything that he deserves cause he deserves the most, more than anyone I know. Please make sure to make all his dreams Come true and to never let him doubt himself. Please let him see himself the way I see him cause then he’ll be able to see just how perfect he is in my eyes. Arhaanu, thank you for never giving up on me. I know I’m tough to deal with sometimes but there’s no one else’s id rather wanna come home too. Thank you for making me smile like a baby and never letting me doubt a thing. Thank you for your constant reassurance and all our pinky promises. I wanna build with you and grow with you and never let you go. I want to wake up next to you and fall asleep while I hug you and always have u right by my side. I love you I trust you and I wish to every star in the sky that I get to be yours forever.
I love you more than you can ever imagine and pinky promise double pinky promise to always love you like I do today.

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