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The time capsule predictionAge: 6 months

Sealed in 24 November 2022 12:37:14 Opened at: 02 June 2023 09:00:00
About my personal life, I’m sure that I will pass 4t d’ESO without having to retake exams. I hope that if my life changes, I will continue being happy with my friends and family, and if it’s possible introduce a dog as a new member of my family. One thing that I can predict is that in the next year I will win at least one writing competition.

About the world news, I would like to win Argentina but I believe that France will win, and around the Spanish League I will win the FCBarcelona as much in the femenine league as the masculine.
Approximately the war in Ukraine I would like to have ended but I think that will continue and will arrive in all of Europe.
And refered to meteorologic I view that will be natural disasters or just weather rares changes, for global warming.

Next year I will pass really greate with my friends going to the beach or Barcelona, and after I will continue my studies doing a “Batxillerat” of humanities here, in the same high school.
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