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Sealed in 19 April 2023 04:53:13 Opened at: 04 July 2023 08:30:00
Hey there future me how are you? God, that probably sounded stiff as fuck... Sooooooooooo how's life? (still alive?) make any friends, did you start dating, anything new going on, and any new skills?

Anyway, when people write these they usually write som sappy or something right? I'll name start naming some characters we are currently interested in and you can read them off to see if you still like them or want to revisit the fandoms they all come from.

Nico from Mercy Jackson

Lapis from Steven Universe

Spinel from Steven Universe

Jasper from Steven Universe

Blue diamond from Steven Universe

Sans from Undertale

Spamton from Deltarune

The fire guy at Grilby’s from Undertale

Fresh sans from the sans Aus

Jin from Your Wish Is My Command

Jevil from Deltarune

Dominator from Wander Over Yonder

Those are just a few I can think of at this moment in time (lol puns). Uhm I guess we, I, us? Don’t mind that it’s confusing, should we talk about favorite foods now? Here’s a short list of foods that we liked, well now.

French fries (of course)

Garlic bread

Peppers and bacon pizza

Lava cake

Spicy chicken patty’s

Chicken salad sandwiches




Those were just about all of the foods that we like now, since we’re on the topic of food why not include drinks as well?


Cold tea


Those are the last things I’d add some games but I won’t because… I’m extremely lazy wonder if that stays the same in the future? Well, I guess I should add the fact that you’ll be getting another thing like this in 2024.

See you then dear...
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