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Sealed in 23 August 2021 07:48:00 Opened at: 23 August 2021 07:48:00
The day we broke up, one year later.
I really hope by then you learn to be super productive and a person who I have created an idea of my head to be. I created an idea, and i hope you use this time to then turn and build yourself into this person you've always wanted to be.
The breakup, whether if you are still with her or not I've got a few questions to ask you! I really hope you'll be happy because you know only time will tell right?

If you get back with her,
Did we have the reoccurring problems again?
Are we finally happy?
What made you realise she was?

If you didn't,
Why not?
What made you think she wasn't the one?

I'm very unproductive right now but you know, i can't really think much right now!
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