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Sealed with Dogecoin COVID-19 Second Wave will HIT BulgariaAge: 4 months

Sealed in 25 May 2020 18:33:37 Opened at: 08 September 2020 08:00:00
Due to 40% of Bulgaria population still think the Pandemic is a lie and the COVID-19 virus is overrated and not scary at all - we will witness a Second Wave for sure. Those non-believers (of tons of info coming from around the World) will flood the sea resorts and will party like there is no tomorrow. But wait ... aren't they the same people that think nothing significant is happening and everything is fine :) Why then they want to live every day like it is their last one. I think the answer is - because the aren't able to evaluate the term SOCIETY. Everyone knows the secrets of the Universe and has ultimate knowledge (that is gone if the wi-fi is disconnected), buuuut in hard times - think only about their own personal interests. All these people complaining that the Pandemic measures damaged their personal life. Like someone think to harm exactly them. Do you really think you're so important ? Yes there is a conspiracy behind this Pandemic, but the virus is real and it is killing people FOR REAL. So the solution is not to demonstrate how SMART ASS you are, but HOW SOCIAL CREATURE you are. Bulgaria has negative population growth for years and there are over 30% that are 60+ years old. And there are 2.5 million bulgarians who think COVID-19 can't cause serious numbers of deaths ... VERY "SMART".

My prediction is that the SECOND wave will start from the city of Burgas with over 100 COVID-19 cases for just a day in the first days of September. Just too many not so smart people over 60 yrs will come to the beaches and will contract the virus from all these young non-believers. The panic will be immediate which will cause the great human migration (From Burgas to Sofia). The authorities will be forced to put lockdown of the both cities. Here comes the most interesting moment - who will be blamed? Second HOAX ,really ? Why don't you think that the regular flu is HOAX too. It's because you have pills for it. It is that easy - your logic is A) I have pills for it - it is real B) i don't have pills for it - it is HOAX. And the funniest thing ever is that new conspiracy about injecting chips via the COVID vaccine. And for what ? To steal your health data ... Calm down, you are already sharing enough on Facebook and Instagram. Just think about it - if there are people with enough power to rule the world, whether they will buy information from Facebook. The simple answer is YES. And you debunk the hoax there. Isn't it too easy for those powerful people to see what to create, that will convince you the Pandemic is real. May be the cruel truth is that THEY want YOU to think THIS IS A HOAX. So IT WILL LAST LONGER and THEIR PLAN WILL SUCCEED LONGER.

I want to say something like AMIN at the end, but i'm not so religious.
I think the better words the the non-believers have to say are "I'M IN" or even bolder "ALL IN".
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