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Dreams come TrueAge: 12 months

Sealed in 02 October 2020 15:07:44 Opened at: 02 October 2021 00:00:00
Hello, please read to the end iI know it looks like a drag but it's you writing from the heart. Today is October 1 and you were supposed to be doing science homework but you weren't it's been 3 weeks since school started and you have gotten in touch with all your friends Jackson, Abby, Kento, Allan, and Ashley. I would have liked to send you this for graduation but I'm afraid you will forget or give up on our dream right now. I'm listening to turning page of the twilight soundtrack so I am a bit emotional, anyway, I want to become an idol I know it's far fetched but I really really want to do that and get on the stage and make tons of people be happy like how my idols make me feel good so I'm hoping that when you get this you did not give up because it is the first dream job you've really had and thought of realistically. I know it's gonna be tough if I really go for it but I will really like to at least try and right now I'm on the verge of tears because I really want it to happen but it looks impossible but I don't want to give up. sorry I just when to cry to the bathroom I know right now I feel ridiculous writing that down but I hope you take these feelings seriously when you get this because it was you just one year before. one of the things that make this seem impossible is how I feel like mom is not taking it seriously while I'm dead serious. Right now my plan is to spend the next 4 high school years learning Korean, and get some singing and dancing classes so once I'm out of high school I have a bigger chance of getting to my dream. just thinking about it gets me excited of course if I could I would go right now but my parent would choke and disown me so instead of weeping these four years I'll make them useful. the reason I don't want to give up on this is that we always wanted to become a paleontologist but then we grew up and well it wasn't efficient anymore so we started to say we wanted to be an engineer like dad but that's just because the job is efficient and this pandemic proved it so this dream I have right now is important because while other kids are always wanting to be 20 different things this is the second dream job you have actually taken seriously. well honestly I don't know what to say anymore just that right now I just pray that you did not give up and are doing great this message just gave inspiration so I will practice Korean later. If I could I would make you swear to me that you won't give up because just the thought of it is making me cry and I hate people that make others cry so just remember life is hard but you shouldn't give up because of that so keep going and follow your dreams after all its the one I'm sure right now that will bring out the human in you and all those emotions that come with it. I think this can bring out a you you will have never imagined before and that drive will get you places so please don't give up. PLUS ULTRA.(I'm sending this October 2 cause I accidentally sealed it for one day jijiji)
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