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self reminderAge: 4 weeks

Sealed in 20 June 2021 08:25:25 Opened at: 20 July 2021 08:00:00
hi dear self <3 it's me again,your past self for sure...umm just wanna ask if you're doing okay?i hope you're doing great,unlike me yang makin stres dengan perangai ayah yang gatal,ya Allah serabut otak aku...and you might still be with mifzal,our lovely boy,YAAA I KNOW HE'S PERFECT LIKE AAAAA WE'RE SIMPING HARD DHO THIS TIME,but you know,we cannot trust anyone,even our bestfriends :) so yaa,that's all from now...don't forget your penzu time capsule and be happy dear,please
Observers 0 Views : 12 Owner: a simp for mifzal <3
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