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Sealed in 07 November 2020 00:34:11 Opened at: 07 November 2020 00:34:11
heyyy- you alive?? i hope your dumbass is. i have a few questions.
1: How's are you and Denki doing? yall still together
2: How's River? Did they change their name? Their identity?
3: How's the yunmenko cosplay going? have you got the vest?
4: How's Alan? is he back in hospital?
5: How're the cats? Casper done anything stupid lately?
6: How much do you weigh? Any less?
7: Did we do what we wanted to?
8: Have we attempted contact with mom?
9: How're your boys? Are you still shifting regularly?
10: How long can you shift for now?
11: How're you? Have you been to Janice lately?
12: what're you doing today/tonight? anything fun for new years?
13: have you ended up relapsing?
14: did you tell them what you wanted to?
15: Have you completed the list?
16: Have you been out to get Boba with River yet?

19th of February.
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