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But I'll Be Cleaning Up Bottles w/ You on New Years DayAge: 1 month

Sealed in 18 November 2022 21:13:43 Opened at: 01 January 2023 00:00:00
Hey i don't even know if you'll remember you did this. Kinda hoping you forget, but not forget forget you know what i mean. Anyway did you get tickets to the Eras tour?? It's cool if you didn't I know money was weird and ticketmaster sucks. I know for sure time has changed even in just 2 ish months. Hell August kind of feels like a life time ago. I just want to say I'm proud of you for where you are right now. We have really bright stars we're chasing right now and I just want to say I see you. The effort you make for self improvement EVERYDAY. You are the world's purest gem. I don't think life will do a 180 by the time you read this, but honestly it probably did. As we know a lot can change in just one night or chance meeting. Right now I'm filling out PA gigs for us and then Im loccing our hair. Hoe this hair better be locced come capsule opening time! I love you! Happy Growth and enjoy the New Year. Leave it all behind honey <3. Even if it means parts of me. I can dream of you everyday but in reality I'll never be you and that's okay. I am so excited to meet the "new" me.
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