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Sealed in 15 November 2021 08:51:14 Opened at: 15 November 2022 00:00:00
Hi? How's life? Lemme guess umm you're bored? I'm not sure, anyway. Happy 1st heartbreak anniversary pff. Yeah I'm teasing you and tapos na pala yung supposedly 1 yr anniversary nyo which is nung Oct 18 'no?? I love her sm, but I hope you dont anymore. I hope naka move on ka na kasi pag hindi pa? Abaaa ipilit. Did you watch your 1st sunset w someone already? Uyy wag ha. Once in a lifetime experience yun and we're gon die young diba?? Gagraduate lang tayo ng college then mag wowork for few years tapos mag tatake na tayo ng euthanasia. But things can change naman. Remind ko lang yung promise natin huh. We'll gon be an achiever and please love your parents more than I'm loving them rn. We'll call our special someone "sky" in the right time. Once you did that wala ng backout, you'll do everything para kayo yung maging endgame or might aswell pakamatay ka na lang. And we'll gon watch our 1st sunset w them too. Uyyy yung cine rin ahhh, dapat yung 1st mo is sa special someone mo rin. She/him will be too lucky. Aba tayo na yan, aayawan pa?? So yeah I'm gon go now. I'll try to fix our life. Fix ourself and heal. Wag mong sayangin ah. I'll do my best para maging maayos tayo and ituloy mo. Dont be attached on someone please. It hurts so much, everybody will leave naman. So yun na lang siguro. Bye.
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