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A Letter From Your Past SelfAge: 0 minute

Sealed in 25 June 2021 12:41:52 Opened at: 25 June 2021 12:41:52
Abi, by this time, you may have reached greater heights, failed even more, experienced greater disappointments, commited greater mistakes than today and right now. As of writing this, I just finished a big big big heated argument with mommy and this is regarding your internship. As of the moment, I feel really like a failure, both in my career and as a daughter. It must have been because of your attitude of bottling everything in that this has been your way of exploding, but I am really ashamed myself to have done that in front of everyone here at home. I hope by this time, you have learned your lesson and have become more patient and reserved with everything life has been throwing at you. I hope you are better now and career wise, able to tell yourself that you've achieved much and tell yourself na you've been doing great. You have been excelling but learn to slow down, learn to rest. Learn to give time to everyone around you. Cry less, smile a little more. I hope you are happy wherever you are and whatever you have achieved <3 Theres so much eroom for self fgrowth right now but I hope by the time you read this there will be a better you and when you reflect, you see a better version of you. You are doing great, be a little more lenient, more patient, always <3
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