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Sealed in 24 May 2022 16:12:23 Opened at: 25 May 2022 00:10:00
Future me better have money and I better be pulling ppl left and right, you love money so much money all you want is money, money is your happiness, If you get married it better be from a rich man, than ask for money, and run. Middle was so boring dont remember it, You really disliked your middle school but 8th grade year was kinda fun tbh. You better have have a nice two story with a pool and two car garage, you want a Mercedes benz, and a Mclauren 12C. Dont remain friends with anyone from elementary or middle school, its for your own good, they didnt treat you well and you were too kind. NOT EVERYONE CAN MAKE IT TO THE NBA *cough cough* stop buying people purple, your wasting money.

-yours truly kamaya
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