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happy 21st birthday me (gonna cringe reading this if it works)Age: 0 minute

Sealed in 03 February 2023 10:30:59 Opened at: 03 February 2023 10:30:59
if this thingy works then i get this on ma 21st birthday. woo happy birthday me! kinda dont expect this to work and i dont think id care too much when or if i get this. nah imma ball my eyes out (i wont). hmmmm idk wut to say, this will be soooo cringe to read in 5 years. currently in vc with ollie and dakota (spelt name wrong). found this video of nostalgic songs and the comments were talking about how itll be sad to watch later on in life so heres the link
boom. im not even sure if future me will wanna read all of this? I can think of anything else to write so bye.
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