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Letter to myself.Age: 56 minutes

Sealed in 10 December 2020 18:18:31 Opened at: 10 December 2020 19:15:00
Letter to myself.

Hi Antoine from the future,

I hope all is well for you, and therefore for me ... When you read this letter, it will have been written by you 10 years ago now. This is the opportunity to reread yourself, see if you haven't made any spelling mistakes already, and to take stock of your life situation!

First, in your family life I hope that all is well, that you are married, that you have a child of at least a year (a preferred son for the first child), and that many other children are planned with you and your wife. I hope you left the paris region to go live in the south, in a beautiful house near the sea (having an SNCF subscription to be able to return to see your family in Paris quite often). I also hope that you travel with your family as often as possible to discover the most beautiful countries in the world. And don't forget to spend time with your son, to make him discover as much as possible, sport, music, art, culture …

Secondly, concerning your professional life, I do not yet know in which sector of activity you work, aeronautics, automobile or something else ... But I admit that when I see for example, recently (it dates from 2020 for you so it's not very recent), the videos of the launch of the Space X Starship rocket, aeronautics makes me dream. I also hope that you are an engineer, because I still have at least a year and a half to be, and it is not won! If you are an engineer, I think you must be very happy, I can already see you leaving in the morning with a nice suit, taking your son to school, then going to work. I also hope that you will find good friends at work, like currently for me, so as not to be too bored and to speak behind your boss's back ... If you only work in an office, do not hesitate to take "cigarette breaks" like any other even if you don't smoke. I got tricked in internship, I thought that only smokers could go outside to smoke, but no! And besides, I hope that you will still not be a smoker.

Finally, I especially hope that life will be easier, that inequalities tend to disappear and that racism will no longer exist in our society, because today we are considered as the new generation which is rebelling against all inequalities.
I hope that you will have enjoyed your youth, even if at 31 you are still young, you will no longer be considered as a young man but as a young parent haha.

With all my friendship (we are like the best friends in the world after all),

Antoine from the past.
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