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Request from past youAge: 21 months

Sealed in 15 October 2019 08:57:40 Opened at: 20 July 2021 00:00:00
This is a time capsule that you'd expect from any other time capsule. Yes, it's yourself from 2019. You, 2019 you, are interested in someone. At first you think it's just a stupid joke about someone trying to couple you with 'someone else'. And you, at that time, think that 'someone else' really is interested in you. If you do remember this, you surely remember your first approach you made to her. And what I, 2019 you, want to ask to you is to go and see her, if she's still available, please give it another shot. I know this sounds stupid and unreasonable for you, the future me, but please do it for me. Thanks. Sincerely 2019 you.
Her name is 2873542.
Observers 1 Has 1 observerViews : 82 Owner: Miharrun ibsah
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