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IphoneAge: 4 days

Sealed in 15 October 2020 05:06:52 Opened at: 19 October 2020 07:30:00
The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines cellular phone into one device with a touchscreen interface. The iPhone runs the iOS operating system (OS)

The advantages
Apple Ecosystem
Connecting one device with another is seamless and very convenient. This is really handy if you have to transfer files or photos from your phone to your laptop or vice versa.
iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple. When turned on, it can automatically save all your files and photos to the cloud as a backup in case your device gets lost or stolen.
Fewer Security Breaches
While you have the freedom of customization on an Android, it might be costly. Android phones are easy to access and hackers can corrupt your files or even steal your personal information.
iPhone Privileges
Getting an iPhone also means you’ll be able to use various Apple only features like Apple pay, Apple Car play, FaceTime, iMessage and so on.

The disadvantages
While the products are very beautiful and sleek, prices for apple products are way too high.
Less Storage
iPhones do not come with SD card slots so the idea of upgrading your storage after buying your phone is not an option. So, you most likely have to buy an expensive higher internal storage version.
Repair costs are very pricey.

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